12" Jewel #2

12" Jewel #2


The glass from this 14” x 3” deep bowl was once a cabin window in Carnelian Bay, California.

All of Tom’s artwork is locally salvaged and recycled  glass. 

First he cuts two “blanks” of glass into a shape before designing the patterns that reflect the waters of Lake Tahoe. 

The bottom piece of glass is then treated with a formula of copper and cobalt oxides and enamels and mixed with a variety of mediums. 

This two piece glass “sandwich” is then slowly heated up to 1470º. At the highest temperatures the two sheets  merge and the entire piece is “fully fused” together. 

After a cooling phase - called annealing, the glass is placed back into the kiln on top of a mold and shaped during a second heating phase.

Hopefully the resulting piece represents the beauty of Lake Tahoe’s waters, which inspires my designs.